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Your ancestors are spirits like you.

This is both one of the most difficult types of healing, yet also the most dramatically life changing.

When we begin to facilitate the healing of our Genetic makeup, which is our ancestral lineage, we begin to work at the foundations of our very being. It is in the adjustment of the foundations that the building must first collapse, but ultimately be rebuilt more fit for purpose.

There is very fine line between what we call the Soul and our ancestral memories.

It is the Immortal Soul which enters time and space by manifesting a physical body.

The body is inhabited by a spirit of course just like a car has a driver. At least for now.

Now if you buy a second hand car, it may be from a previous owner who absolutely abused it, or an old lady who never exceeded the speed limit. Either way you are now the owner of the car, and you shall experience the result of the previous owner’s care, or lack thereof.

The physical body is the same, being built from genetic structures you have inherited. If your ancestors have been abusive toward the physical structures, then you are going to experience the rewards…Or not?

This is often known as Karma but the truth is that we each have ONE life for we are each one spirit.

We have a name and we have a birth date. It is our soul which created us, that may have many lives as different spirits, with different names, birth dates and experiences. Not Us.

Genetic memory includes the historic occupation of physical space, which is mortality.

So here you are, a shiny new spirit just emerged from the sphere of your immortal soul, and all is well. Then you hit the age of sexual maturity and the gateway opens into your ancestral lineage. The desire to breed is accompanied by the aspect of consciousness which has been breeding… Forever!

Within this power to create life, is the historic record of this power’s application. This is to say within the consciousness of your physical body, is a full and total record of the unbroken experience of life, back through time to the point of your Soul’s 1st incarnation on Earth.

It is within the genetic structure that this record may be read, understood and updated.

The Shaman knows how to communicate with your Genetic consciousness or ancestors, and is then able to facilitate the healing of any issues which emerge. Actually and factually there is a part of you right now, which has existed since the beginning of time. Your body is made from stardust if the truth be known.

So it is that within the repository of your ancestral experience there shall be resources.

What are the problems requiring healing?

The problems emerge in relation to the individual that you are.

Let us say that you desire to be a healer, yet your ancestral lineage is loaded with multiple experiences of incarnations, where you have been a killer. There is now a conflict between that which you desire to be, and that which your Ancestral programming dictates. You want to be healer but your blood is all warrior.

Let us imagine the individual who was born into affluence. If this wealth is generational ‘Old Money’ then it is almost certain that their ancestors did some dirty work. This is to say that much ‘Old Money’ was acquired through subjugating and exploiting others, such as slavery and substance trafficking.

This is all good if the individual desires to maintain this trajectory, but what if they want to be free from the torment, which is dispensed by those spirits which suffered at the hands of their Grandfather? Then they have an issue because they are energetically tagged, and in our experience altogether fucked…. Ancestral Karma.

A spirit sees the spirit that it once knew and not the contemporary version of the incarnated soul!

Why does this happen at all?

As mentioned, the immortal soul is consistently materializing through the process of manifesting into the physical world. The soul is bound to a genetic lineage in this regard.

Imagine that that the soul is a cloud and it is raining. You are a drop of rain and this rain is destined to fall to earth and land in a particular place. Your soul seeks out your bloodline due to the historic relationship and it is here where the raindrop, which is you becomes directed.

So it is that the soul is constantly repeating a relationship, with and through your genetic lineage or your D.N.A. The consequence of this relationship is the birth of a spirit which is you, always new & individual, yet exists in the space between your Soul and your physical body, which is linked to your ancestral history.

The purpose of this is for the Soul to learn certain things through experience.

The soul aligns with the genetics which serve to fulfil the potential of satisfying this goal.

If the Soul desires to experience the power of being a ruler, then the Soul shall connect with a gene pool where this is the probable experience. If the Soul desires to experience disempowerment then the Soul shall marry with a genetic lineage which is experiencing enslavement. Notice the swing?

It is the path of the soul to experience the opposites, forming an holistic comprehension of incarnation.

It is through the experience of the opposites, as a spirit who is you, through repeated incarnations, that the experience of incarnation may be comprehended by the Soul.

Why the healing?

The healing needs to take place when the Soul is in a process of changing direction.

When the soul decides it has learnt enough about War and decides it must now learn about healing for example, it is the spirit which is you that must facilitate this change.

As we are the bridge between the physical lineage and the immortal Soul. We are a link in the chain, and when the Soul shifts direction, the chain undergoes stress, as it drags the past into the future.

The conflict arises when the Soul decides it has learnt enough about one side of a particular ‘subject’ and decides to do a ‘one-eighty’. This is a generational occurrence.

Consider that for some thousands of years the physical body, the genetic code and the ancestral intelligence has been going in one direction, and now the rules have changed.

The ancestral patterning no longer matches the purpose of the Soul, and thus the spirit which is you. The problem is of course that the spirit which is us happens to be in the middle of this conflict, stuck between millennia of intelligence developed through experience, and an entirely new agenda.

The ancestral intelligence knows how to survive because it has done so for millennia otherwise we simply would not be here, and so it is that this new agenda represents death!

Why does the ancestral intelligence think it is death?

Imagine that you have been doing the same thing for a long time, and completed your objective countless times (Survival). Then all of a sudden something enters your world, and tells you that you must now do something exactly opposite. The first animistic response is always fear based, and it is this experienced fear which is utilized to hold onto the past.

It is fear of not surviving and it is fear of the unknown.

If your Soul is altering course then it is by definition moving into the unknown, and the Ancestral intelligence fears the unknown like nothing else. As mentioned it is the physical body which holds the Ancestral connections, and it is the physical body which is the animal just like every other on Earth.

Animals like to have habits for it is through habitual behavior that the chance of survival increases.

Consider the animal which gains territory and then holds onto it for dear life, because there is familiarity within the territory, as the animal knows where the food and the water are. Consider when you walk in the woods how the animals leave tracks, and our ancestral lineage is akin to these tracks, but across time.

And so it is that the ancestral patterns are familiar tracks to us all, whereby our anticipated survival is increased.

When the Soul births a Spirit with a novel agenda, it is the ancestral intelligence that shall say…

‘Fuck that! I’ve been doing it this way for millennia and you are going to get us killed’

Here is the conflict in a nutshell and it takes a particular animal intelligence to release the nut, along with a sharp set of teeth. The conflict is between your body/ancestral intelligence and your own Soul.

You are the pivotal point on the dichotomy. The jam in the sandwich.

How does Ancestral healing work?

The first step is to understand all that you have just read and be sure that it applies to you.

How do I know if it applies to me?

If you feel deep within your own self that you should be behaving differently in some way, or that your family are strange to you in their belief systems.

If the things you do are completely non-aligned with the rest of your family, such as they are Catholic and you are Pagan, or they work in financing and you are a Gardener.

You feel you have been born at the wrong time, or the wrong place?

When you are experiencing a continuous struggle to be free, of some reality experience, such as addiction or mental health, and these patterns exist within your family also.

When you are estranged from one or either parents or you have been adopted.

You spurn the rules and societal tradition? All of these things are indicators that your Soul is on the move into a new sphere of experience. There are more but these are certainly the most easily recognized.

What do I do now?

The first thing to do is congratulate your own self for you are remarkable, as you are on the cusp of conscious evolution. You are here to lead the collective consciousness into new territory.

You must understand that your orientation is between a rock and a hard place however, for your Soul made you and shall never listen to excuses. You should also be happy that your Soul has directed you here because The Shaman knows the way. I write this from experience.

The second thing to do is get a pen and some paper and write down the things you do not like about your family and societal structures. Whatever these things are you now know the direction from which you are heading and you must accept that the things you do not like, you helped create!

How do we heal?

The Shaman has been through this process, and you may recognize the authenticity within my explanation, and so it that The Shaman is the guide through your own process.

It must be realized that your Soul is not my Soul, and unless we are closely blood related our ancestral intelligence is also different. So it is that The Shaman must first connect with your Soul and retrieve the agenda, which is your reason for being at all.

This is done through what is called a Soul Reading.

When the agenda of your Soul is understood, then it may be mapped onto your familiar situation, being your environmental experiences. Here we begin to look at the places where your Soul agenda aligns with, and is contradictory to your Ancestral lineage. This is the identification of resources which may serve or may not.

Too Easy?

Yes it is only the beginning, because following this there is often multiple past-life regressions, which teach YOU how to communicate with both your own immortal Soul and your Genetic structure. Through these past-life regressions it is possible to both understand and begin to heal your ancestral lineage.

The Shaman guides you into the Sacred space where the healing takes place.

These past-life regressions are not like an ordinary Hypnotic regression, as The Shaman allows you to exist in two places at once, thus you remain in a daydreaming like trance.

After every regression, which can often be called ‘communicating with your ancestors’ a process of integration must take place and this takes some time.

There are often multiple sessions of regression, and following each session there is a space in time whereby your physiology must catch up, as ancestral healing is the deepest Shamanic Healing work. You shall find that following every session, there shall be an instant release of the binds which were holding you back, for in truth we are healing your ancestors which are spirits just like you, all emerging from the very same soul.

Remember that it is the influence of these ancestors which was contradictory toward your ‘new’ Soul agenda, and so in moving these ancestors into the sphere of your Soul they no longer create conflict.

It is when the conflict is removed that your life is improved.

Imagine that you have been told to swim across a river by your Soul, but your ancestral lineage is like a series of boulders tied to your legs. When we heal our ancestors we release the weight that they were placing upon us, and so we may begin to swim toward our destiny freely.

Is that it…Regression?

Regrettably not as this is the beginning of the complete cycle.

Remember that your Genetic patterns are thousands of years in the making, and you have been given the responsibility of shifting this patterning. The regression is the beginning only as you must then begin to behave differently in reality, for this is where it counts.

Because you are made up of the same genetic pattern, it exists both within you as your identity and genetics, and without you as your ancestors and current blood bonds.

The challenge is both in the healing, and then moving forward in time with courage, and the knowledge that you are going to have to behave differently.

Once you know what your Soul has intended for you there are no excuses, such as ignorance and apathy because you are on the path. There is no turning back, because once you have an illuminated mind, it is impossible to turn the light out. The Shaman at this point becomes your guide, in so far as integrating the Healing, which is achieved through Energy Healing and Spiritual guidance, along with a plethora of undisclosed activities.

How much and how long?

Depending upon the level of healing and the subsequent time expended, the work can take several years…

This is made up of some individual one-one sessions, multiple distance healing’s and energy balancing, Astrological mapping and so on and so forth… Whatever it takes to achieve the Goal.

The Goal is for you to be 100% free from the contrary influences of your ancestral past, and be fully aligned with the purpose of your Soul whilst being connected with ALL the resources to complete your ‘Mission’.

I am being very frank about the anticipated time for two reasons.

The first being that if we agree to work together then this is a sacred contract and your commitment is vital. In this world the most recognizable commitment is one of resources, which in this case is time.

The second being that the work involved on my part is extremely challenging, and ultimately time consuming. In respect for my own self The Shaman must be valued.

You may complete the process within one year, but this all depends upon your time commitments. Any fee is relative to my time and energy and if you are prepared to do more work then the fee falls dramatically.

The freedom discussed here is not typical and it is akin to the first ever physical incarnation. You shall become all that you were and simultaneously all that you have become!

What next?

If you have read this far then we may be meeting minds.

The first thing to do is send me an email and write from your heart if you have any left 🙂 Typically following this it is best that we meet in person through an energy healing or some other service, whereby we may discover if we can work together.

Historically I only work with about 5% of the people I meet in the capacity of Ancestral Healing.

How to Book Shamanic Training

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The Shaman is committed to serving your greatest potential. So please feel invited to ask questions or seek help. We would be delighted to hear from you, and hopefully be able to help in some way… ♥