House Clearances

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Ghost in my house? If you think or feel that you have a ghost in your house then you probably do. The Shaman is predominantly a sensitive individual, and it is because of this extra-sensory perception that A Shaman, whether in England or anywhere, may recognize energies which the [...]


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Shamanic Divorce Rituals. There are of course many types of relationships, but in this instance The Shaman is able to work with those relationships, which cause a person to be held hostage by the past. As adults most of us have experienced more than one intimate relationship, from our [...]

Soul Retrieval

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Lost your Keys. Shamanic Soul Retrieval is an extremely shamanic practice, and although other disciplines facilitate the process, they do it in a very different manner. The Shaman quite literally does the work on your behalf in one session, thus preventing you from experiencing huge psychotherapist bills… Harsh but [...]


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Routes to power. Manifestation is the action or process whereby something becomes manifest. The word Manifest is found in the late 14c. Meaning: ‘clearly revealed’ from the Old French manifest: ‘evident, palpable’ or directly from Latin Manifestus: ‘plainly apprehensible, clear, apparent or evident’. When something is manifest it is [...]

Spirit Guides

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Spirit Guide Introduction. A Shamanic Spirit Guide may be understood by taking apart the sentence and the meaning behind the words within it. A Spirit is something or someone who's consciousness is in spirit form (non-physical). This may be the spirit of someone who is living' such as The [...]

Ancestral Healing

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Your ancestors are spirits like you. This is both one of the most difficult types of healing, yet also the most dramatically life changing. When we begin to facilitate the healing of our Genetic makeup, which is our ancestral lineage, we begin to work at the foundations of our [...]

Shamanic Initiation

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Enter the cave. There are many types of Shamanic initiation. Each must be respected for exactly what it is and why it exists. Regardless of the type of Shamanic initiation, there are consistent factors involved. There is always a Shaman who has been initiated, and there is the individual [...]

Shamanic Drumming

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A conscious dream. The Shamanic journey may be understood as a process, which shifts the perspective of the person who is experiencing the Shamanic Journey, usually initiated through hypnotic Drumming. Some people would say that Shamanic Drumming is a process whereby one may slip out of the mortal coil, [...]