Is The Shaman Psychic?

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What is psychic. A Shaman is psychic in many senses of the word. These days it often refers to an individual who displays the abilities of divination. Divination is quite literally the power to predict or foresee, and of course this relates to events or experiences, which have not [...]

How A Shaman Heals?

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Cause and Effect. Before there is something needing to be healed there must first be a presented problem? Now most ordinary people who have a physical problem, eventually search for the solution, within the limits of their perception, which is of course physical. If people have psychological issue (pertaining [...]

How A Shaman Works?

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The Shaman is working now. There are many different types of Shaman. Each Shaman colour's their Shamanism with their own personality, identity and consequent belief systems. This is what makes Shamanism a unique practiced theology, as the individual does not surrender their individuality. Quite the opposite, as a Shaman [...]