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Shamanic Divorce Rituals. There are of course many types of relationships, but in this instance The Shaman is able to work with those relationships, which cause a person to be held hostage by the past. As adults most of us have experienced more than one intimate relationship, from our [...]

Soul Retrieval

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Lost your Keys. Shamanic Soul Retrieval is an extremely shamanic practice, and although other disciplines facilitate the process, they do it in a very different manner. The Shaman quite literally does the work on your behalf in one session, thus preventing you from experiencing huge psychotherapist bills… Harsh but [...]


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Routes to power. Manifestation is the action or process whereby something becomes manifest. The word Manifest is found in the late 14c. Meaning: ‘clearly revealed’ from the Old French manifest: ‘evident, palpable’ or directly from Latin Manifestus: ‘plainly apprehensible, clear, apparent or evident’. When something is manifest it is [...]