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It is all about energy flow.

It seems like a very loose term and it is. Everything is energy after all.

It seems ridiculous to suggest that it is possible to heal energy and the truth is that it is!
It is the flow of energy that The Shaman heals.

When a person is well and feeling good there is always an uninterrupted flow of energy, regardless of the context and it is when the flow of energy is restricted in any way, that the problems arise.

For example if an artist is being creative then their creative energy is flowing and they are often happy and productive. If their creativity is ‘blocked’ then they are often sullen and altogether unhappy.

If a person is feeling low because they have not enough money, then it is the flow of money which is the problem, as there is not enough flowing to the person, and yes money is energy.

If a relationship is failing and the ‘rot’ has set in then it is once again a question of the flow of energy, which in this case may be love…Or not?

Everything is energy.

Regardless of the context or the experienced symptoms ALL problems come down to a restriction/exaggeration in the flow of energy from one ‘place/person/aspect’ to another.

The Shaman knows this and it is the fundamental basis of all energy healing, as a Shaman shall look at the flow of energy relative to the problem and not the problem at all.

So when it comes to Energy Healing, in a Shamanic sense, the flow of energy must be addressed firstly, the cause of the interrupted flow secondly, and the symptoms of the perverted flow thirdly.

It is not only a restriction of the energetic flow which may cause a problem.

Consider those moments when you have experienced high emotions, and they have had a detrimental impact upon your life. Too much of a good thing?

Emotions are an experience of the flow or movement of energy.

When the flow is exaggerated a different type of problem may emerge, yet the cause is the same, and this is the balance of the energy flow once again.

Consider the individual who becomes frustrated and then more angry until they explode. The explosion often upsets relationships, and may even threaten income, if the boss or customer takes the shrapnel that is.

It is the emotional energy that has overtaken the rational side of the person, and thus the person has become the emotion. There are countless examples regarding the consequences which follow either a restriction in the flow of energy, or the increase in the flow of energy.

The Shaman is the one who seeks personal energetic balance and has spent many years practicing this balancing act in real life. The Shaman has also practiced Buddhist meditation for many years and so can exist in the ‘eye of the storm’.

It is not an easy thing to achieve for the flow of energy is just that, a continuous flow which is never ending and never stationary. A forever changing scenario.

It is difficult to study and understand anything which moves quickly, such as emotional or mental energy, yet it is possible if one is also able to move quickly.

A Shaman has ultimately learnt to suspend their subjective experience of reality and become the one who studies the phenomenon of the reality objectively. The Shamanic Death enables this.

This is why The Shaman may assist others in finding a balance, because The Shaman knows what the experience of balance actually is, empirically.

Energy healing is energy balancing. It is in the state of balance that healing takes place, experienced as a reduction in symptoms, which were the consequence of energetic imbalance.

This Shaman is also trained in Hypnosis and N.L.P, so that the ‘spiritual’ work may be integrated through the identity update, thus avoiding fall back. (Non-integration of re-balancing)

For example I know of a person who decided to get some Reiki healing, which is a balancing of the energy system through the Chakras. He was having issues with addiction and just could not stop smoking.

He had one session with the Reiki healer and felt much better, all balanced and nice, but then five days later he went to the pub. He never went to the pub to smoke, but as soon as he walked in, the external stimulus triggered the energetic pattern, which was just removed a few days before…Or was it?

Needless to say his vibration reverted back to before the Reiki session, and soon he was smoking. Now this makes for a very rich Reiki practitioner, as the person needs healing over and over and over again.

The Shaman does not work this way, because The Shaman does the deep work upon your energy bodies, and then through conversational Hypnosis updates your identity structure.

The Shaman becomes the bridge between your unconscious mind and your conscious mind. This is the most important relationship you shall ever have, because this is where the internal flow of energy is exchanged.

The Shaman does not want to see you again and again with the same recurring problem.

The Shaman wants to heal you quickly and permanently.

The truth is that the only way this may ever happen is for you to be involved in your own healing. Every single energy healing is different as every person is different. I could not tell you exactly what I shall do when WE heal your energy simply because I do not know.

What I do know is that it shall work for my will is strong and my intention pure.

If you spend some time with The Shaman and the objective is to heal an aspect of your energetic flow, then this is exactly what shall happen, and the fun is in not knowing how it will happen! Of course The Shaman has his tools and his education and this is where the confidence arises.

What is the procedure?

The first thing to do is to send an email outlining what you think the problem may be. I always reply and I shall often offer some immediate Shamanic insight.

If we agree that we should work together then we may arrange to meet in person and carry out the work.

Depending upon the issue this shall either be outside somewhere, in my healing space or at the location of the original problem. Yes Really.

Many issues are caused by, and triggered through environmental circumstances.

You should expect at least a two hour ‘meeting’ in order to ensure the work is set-in, followed by a period of weeks whereby re-adjustments may be required, depending on the depth of issue.

I am the one who may re-set your bones, and offer the splint but it is you who must eventually put weight upon the leg dear one.

How much does it cost?

This depends upon you and your issue. The cost of the healing work I do is never fixed because my healing is never fixed. I am however deeply honest and I charge for my time as any other person does.

A two hour session costs £100. This is normally adequate to solve most issues.

If you have a very serious issue such as possession or drug addiction, whereby balancing your energy requires great effort, it will of course take longer to complete the work. How long depends on you.

You can understand the difficulty in setting a fixed cost, as we understand how important your financial resources are.

Perhaps it is like phoning a mechanic and asking “How much to fix my car?”

The mechanic as The Shaman must inspect and study the car/you before offering an honest quotation.

I promise that following an email dialogue I shall be able to offer a fixed price estimate, based on time.

Whatever you do it is important to never lose hope for there is always a way, where there is the will to evolve.

How to Book Shamanic Services

The Shaman does not charge different amounts for different services.
There is a fixed rate simply based upon time, which is £50 per hour plus expenses.

ALL services are now offered free of charge for the foreseeable future…

You can send us an Email to request an appointment or find out more by using the Contact Page.
You can telephone using either number to right in the Contact Details section.

The Shaman is committed to serving your greatest potential. So please feel invited to ask questions or seek help. We would be delighted to hear from you, and hopefully be able to help in some way… ♥