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Cause and Effect.

Before there is something needing to be healed there must first be a presented problem?

Now most ordinary people who have a physical problem, eventually search for the solution, within the limits of their perception, which is of course physical.

If people have psychological issue (pertaining to the soul or psyche) they seek psychological healing.

The problem is that most people only experience the consequences of a psychological problem, through the physical manifestation of this problem.

A perfect example is stress because it is very stressful 😉

A person may be under psychological pressure, and this pressure literally stresses the physical system.

An intelligent person recognizes this quickly and heals the problem, before it becomes physical, by either removing the pressure or dealing with it differently.

The average person can be ignorant to this, so the first awareness of stress is when the physical symptoms manifest. These symptoms may be weight loss/gain, hair loss, fatigue, heart failure and so on and so forth.

The point is that the problem existed well before the physical symptoms and could well have been healed, before the physical symptoms manifest.

A Shaman knows these things inside and out, quite literally.

A Shaman may well accept that there are physical symptoms present but acknowledges in most cases, that the cause is in fact non-physical. This excludes the obvious such as cuts, impacts, viruses and so on and so forth, although this is also somewhat debatable.

A Shaman is able to understand the nature of non-physical cause and the physical effect.

A Shaman may hear ‘My hair is falling out and I am sick, so heal me!’ but A Shaman knows that this is a gross manifestation of a non-physical circumstance.

The cause may of course be physical, as the client’s boss may be stressing them out, but the client’s reaction to the boss is non-physical and is psychical. It is the reaction of the client to the stressor, which is causing the stress, through emotional intensity, negative thought patterns and so on.

It is therefore the work of The Shaman to educate the non-physical aspect of the client, in so far as effectively managing the experience of the stress.

If the stress is caused by a discarnate spirit, which is attached to the energy field of the client, thus causing pressure, then The Shaman must heal the discarnate spirit. It is through healing the discarnate spirit attached. The stress is removed and physical symptoms decline, as the hair grows back.

If stress is caused by a repetitive replaying of an uncomfortable experience, such as being abused or victimized. The Shaman works with the memory bank of the client. The Shaman moves the client into a necessary trance, and negotiates with the aspect that deems it necessary to replay the horror over and again.

The Shaman would then heal the aspect of the client who is locked into the replay (wounded child?), and so the client would no longer be stressed, and may grow their hair again.

If the stress is caused by a genetic memory, within every cell of the body then it gets really interesting.

The Shaman would work with the ancestors/Genetic memory of the client through regression.

When the client’s contemporary consciousness (Ego) was out of the way. The Shaman then heal the past-life/Genetic memory. The stress would be removed, and so the client may grow their hair once more.

If the stress is caused through a loss of personal power, such as a shock to the client which happened many years before, then The Shaman would shift the client into a position or repatriation with this ‘Lost Power’.

The stress would be relieved as the power would be contained, and the body would relax once more, so that the client may grow their hair.

We could go on and on and on with this but hopefully it is obvious, in so far as The Shaman seeks the cause BEFORE the physical symptom.

The Shaman then heals this cause and the effect is one whereby the client is relieved of their physical symptoms… Thus they are healed, provided they want to be that is!

Some of the most interesting work I have performed involves clients who are stuck between the worlds.

This involves the circumstance whereby the individual Client’s consciousness has undergone some extra-ordinary experience, perhaps bought about through drug use, or playing with magic.

The consequence of undergoing a Shamanic experience can be disturbing, and the implications dramatic. Trust me. I know from personal experience, and if you are interested: Who Is The Shaman?

What actually takes place is that the client becomes stuck, between the experience of living and the land of the dead. This is to say that they are between the worlds.

These worlds are alternatively linear Time/Mortality and Timelessness/Immortality.

These clients are the most challenging in terms of healing, simply because they are invested across multiple dimensions. Their energy/awareness is literally shattered and scattered across multiple layers of reality.

The symptoms may be physical but often they are not, for here we move into the world of psychiatry, addiction and spirituality. The symptoms of this fragmented self are varied, but consistently the client drifts in and out of reality at will. Unfortunately the will has often been subjugated.

In my experience these clients are the reincarnations (New spirit ⇔ Same soul;) of Shamans, Priests, Alchemists, Mage’s, Witches and so on and so forth…

These clients are very difficult because they are UNCONSCIOUSLY extremely adept, at negotiating alternate realities. In these cases The Shaman has to play hard because the costs are so high, for the client may be suffering beyond the ordinary concept of pain.

Here The Shaman must enter into multiple negotiations with the fractured aspects of the client, akin to playing 72 dimensional chess. These negotiations depend upon the characters associated with the dimensional frequencies, and the work is arduous but ultimately so rewarding.

It is like a crazy game of cat and mouse, but the dog is ever looming…

Anyway, once again when The Shaman has dealt with the fractured circumstances, the client returns into balance and they feel healed, thus they may grow their hair or even use their power to heal others…

Hopefully you have a better idea about how A Shaman heals, but if you are attempting to heal another and are stuck, please send me an email and we will help you.

This assistance may be through advice or energetic support, but it is important to remember you are not alone, and we are here to help…

Peace Brothers and Sisters may be ours once more…..X