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Evil to who.

Before we move into the question of whether Shamanism is evil, it makes sense to know what Shamanism is and also what evil is considered to be.

The answer to the question of what Shamanism is may be found here What is Shamanism?

Moving onto the evil then. Let’s first explore the etymology of the word, thus revealing the history of the meaning. The word evil is derived from The Old English ‘yfel’ and is meaning ‘Bad – Vicious – Ill – Wicked’.

It seems pretty straightforward then. Evil, even historically, refers to either the experience of something unpleasant, or the expression of that unpleasantness. This is to say that something may be wicked and also that a person may behave in a way that is wicked.

Someone may ‘Be Bad’ or they may simply ‘Act Badly’.

So it is then that evil may be either/or/and something which exists externally to a person, yet also be the person’s behaviour temporarily or permanently.

The word has referred to something unpleasant for many years, as it still does in modern English. This makes things very simple in terms of the label we use, through attaching IT to behaviour, experience or concept.

It becomes far more interesting and also confusing, when we consider the perspective of the individual, who is judging something as evil. The truth is that one person may consider something to be evil, yet another may consider it to be completely benign.

So it is that we must always consider the belief system of the individual and collective, from which the finger emerges to identify that which is deemed evil. The truth is that it may well be evil to them, and that is their right of course. Shadow projection is everyone’s Egoic right!

The idea of that which is evil evolves along with every other social concept, for it is that 100 years ago the ill treatment of children was considered acceptable, but now the same treatment would be termed exploitative, which often acquires the label evil at some point thereafter.

What was evil then may not be evil now and what is evil now may not have been evil then.

This is the nature of evil because it is a concept which evolves, through and with Human evolution, within societal structures and sub-cultures. So it is that evil evolves yet there is one consistency, in that it has always had reference throughout history.

Therefore the concept or experience of evil is consistent, yet the form this evil takes transforms in relationship to the collective, cultural structures of society.

Why does this happen?

This takes place because evil is an archetypal force.

An archetypal force is something which may exist in non-physical form, as an energetic complex. It is also a force which exists within every Human being, as an internal unconscious potential.

For example one may understand the concept of Christ as an external force, which in this case was a man called Jesus. One may also comprehend the symbology of Christ through the Crucifix Symbol, or Holy Cross and so it is still an externalized comprehension.

On the other hand one may comprehend Christ as an internal experience, such as ‘Christ within my Heart’. The internalized comprehension does not eradicate the external, but each complements each other.

The external comprehension or ‘Iconography” may be utilised to initiate the internal comprehension.

Christ is an Archetypal force which predates Christianity by some 3000 years, and Jesus was perhaps an individual who personified the Christic force?

It is when the Human Being connects with these archetypal forces that they become personified.

This is to say that the expression of ANY archetypal force, depends upon the relationship between it and the person who expresses the particular force.

The archetypal force may have a particular base-line pattern, in so far that it is a potential energy, which has the capacity to harm and be vicious.

It is however the individual person who expresses this viciousness in their unique manner, which of course depends upon their identity, which of course depends upon their contemporary experience of society.

This is why the expression of evil changes over time, because the tools which express its potential (People) change over time. This is how Human Beings work of course. We are able to connect with archetypal potentials, and then express these potentials through our behaviour and actions.

This is the way it has been for millennia and is well understood by The Shaman.

Ancient polytheistic cultures understood this all too well, as each Deity offered a personified aspect of an archetypal force, and so it was that worship of deity was a relationship with the archetypal force that it represented, such as Love, Wealth, Evil or whatever characteristics were applied to the Deity.

The individual person then became the point of expression, within the shared reality we all experience.

There are many versions of history, and each is written with the opinion of the writer, embalming political agenda across the ages. One thing is apparent however, that being aligned to an archetype (God) does not prohibit mass murder, nor fear and control systems developing.

It is extremely difficult to control anything that is conscious and considers itself to have choices.

It is even more difficult to control any consciousness if it experiences no choice, because it will rebel and fight for the right to choose something. So it is that the only way to control consciousness (People) is to create the illusion of choice. Who escapes a prison they are not aware of?

It is within the system of illusionary choice, that the people’s inherent drive for freedom may be circumnavigated, because if they think that they are free they shall not fight for their freedom… Clever right?

So it is that Old Controllers (who?) had to offer some kind of choice, but a choice which was an illusion. Any choice which is an illusion must lead one into the same experience by definition. For example do you want a slap in the face or a kick? The point is that you are always going to get hit in the face.

What has this got to do with Shamanism?

Well now… The only way that a polarized collective consciousness can be aligned, is through the notion of a common enemy. The Old Controllers therefore had to create the illusion of an enemy, and ensure that there was penalty for those who did not comply.

Those who did not align with their social engineering strategy must be dealt with effectively. And so it is that ANY belief system which still adhered to polytheism, thus offering choice, must be eradicated at all costs. The intelligent way to do this is to use the age old term EVIL.

The first step is to capitalize upon the desire of the Human to be happy, including continued happiness in the experience following death. So it is then that to do what you are told is to be promised eternal happiness, and to not comply is to receive eternal and perpetual pain…?

The tactics are very simple and ultra-effective when dealing with ignorant people.

Do this and you will be O.K for now and forever more…

Don’t do this and you are Evil, thus you shall suffer now and forever more…

The only opposition to this nefarious scheme was, as mentioned, polytheistic cultural collectives, and additionally those who consider the Earth to be supra-conscious and ultimately THE MOTHER.

Ah… So it is then that at some point the archetypal parental forces within the collective consciousness became divorced, and we as the children went to live with Dad. Dad can be a bastard but also our creator and protector. Mother is of course is Evil because Dad is not… Fuck that!

Those who were still not experiencing this divorce were living in a happy archetypal experience.

These were indigenous cultures and one example is Mother Earth and Father sky… There are many examples to be found. These indigenous cultures were of course aligned with Shamanic principles.

They were Shamanic cultures in so far that The Shaman was considered to be the intermediary, between the people and the archetypal forces, known as Gods/Spirits/Energies/Forces or however they were perceived and subsequently categorized.

The Shaman therefore was of course the enemy of The Church and its strategy, because The Shaman knew there were more than two options (God/Satan). Not only this but also because She/he was considered to be the authority in these matters.

The Shaman had respect and power within the culture they inhabited.

They were the healers also, and at any point would connect to alternative archetypal forces, express them and thus perform ‘miracles’.

Jesus in this respect is the most famous Shaman of us all. This is why he as a living person had to be dealt with effectively, as in killed and subsequently incorporated into the scheme. Jesus was a Shaman who expressed the archetypal force known as Christ… Mercury & Sun.

The Bible stories are the tale of Jesus and his Christic Archetypal Expression.

The Church emerging from Rome began to hunt and destroy every living Shaman, calling them Evil and using the familiar term Witch. They needed to be made an example of and must of course suffer, thus ingraining the illusionary choice.

‘Look! They are evil and we have the power to burn them alive, so you better do what we say or else…’

The Church therefore had to demonize and hunt Shamanic cultures in order to secure the monopoly of spiritual control. Yes the scheme has been very successful. There are many layers to the protocol and strategy, but here we address the question of whether Shamanism is evil.

So is Shamanism Evil?

The answer is of course yes and no.

If you were/are aligned with the monotheistic masculine, capitalist structure, then unfortunately Shamanism is certainly evil. Or not?

If you are aligned with polytheistic structures, and consider the Earth to be not only worthy of respect but also gratitude, then Shamanism is far from Evil. Shamanism predates The Church by some 3000 years.

Unfortunately Shamanism and many Pagan practices have been historically deemed evil, for the reasons mentioned, and so it is that The Shaman must consider the programming of the masses well.
The craft work of a Shaman or the witch are received with fear and suspicion, because people have been trained this way, across the generations.

I am a Shaman and it must be said that my capacity to perform Evil deeds knows no bounds.

It is only those who know how to be evil and choose not be evil who are truly Good…?

In conclusion then it is wise to consider your position when asking the question of whether Shamanism is Evil, because your position is the most vital consideration.

For those who are aligned with the monotheistic Churches and religions, it may be wise to study history and the atrocities which have been committed for millennia, in the name of your God.

It may also be wise to beware The Shamans who are now here, because we have certain scores to settle (In the name of Justice) and we are arriving as never before. We will wake them up. They will see you.

Take a look around at your declining structures of control, whether you created them or are the victim of them, they are crumbling and it is but a matter of time before…

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