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What is psychic.

A Shaman is psychic in many senses of the word.

These days it often refers to an individual who displays the abilities of divination. Divination is quite literally the power to predict or foresee, and of course this relates to events or experiences, which have not happened yet, in our shared reality.

The origin of the word ‘Psychic’ comes from Greek psykhikos which means “of the soul spirit or mind”.

In this way it may be said that if a person is psychic that they are of the soul, spirit, or mind. The truth is that we are all ‘of the soul, spirit, or mind’ and so it is that the etymology of the word psychic, simply indicates a reference to the Human condition.

In this sense we are all psychic because we all have some experience of these things. It is no mistake that the word has evolved, to indicate an individual who has a particular skill in regard to the psyche.

A ‘Psychic’ in the modern sense of the word is literally one who communicates with the psyche of another, and then informs the other that which is within their psyche.

This is how a psychic works on all levels.

The word psyche refers to the very same thing as psychic; in so far as if something is psychic it is of the psyche. The Shaman is one who has through self-introspection, fostered a relationship between themselves and their psyche, and it is this relationship that is utilised when a Shaman interacts with another.

What is this psyche?

This question has been debated for millennia and there as many answers as one cares to find.

Out of respect for these writings we may call the psyche the Soul.

In this case the Soul is considered to be that which the total sum of ALL of our parts is. In other words the Soul is not separate from the body, yet the body is within the sphere of what we call the Soul. The Spirit and the Mind are also a part of this Soul.

The psyche therefore is the Soul and the terms are interchangeable.

It becomes more interesting of course when you consider the mind. We have an unconscious mind and a conscious mind. Both of these therefore are a component of the Soul/Psyche. They are not separate from it but operate within its boundaries. What becomes even more interesting is that this Soul is comprised of around 18 different elements, and each is conscious of itself yet ordinarily unconscious of the others!

It is like a street with separate houses and individuals within them, and some neighbours know each other and others do not. So it is that the aspects which make up the Soul/Psyche may or may not be aware of the other, and so it is we have ignorance, confusion and much other strange Human behaviour.

Think about it, for we have no real idea what the neighbour 10 doors up does with their time, how they think, what they feel, where they go and so on and so forth… Now internalise that comprehension and you have you, and your internal relationships, and these relationships are relative to the aspects of your Soul, of which you are also a part.

How is somebody Psychic?

A psychic is a person who has built strong internal relationships between the aspects of themselves internally.

For example they may have developed their intuition, which is a form of communication emerging from an unconscious area. For example they may have trained in dream work, and as such they receive information as they dream, which they then analyse thus making it conscious.

Another individual may have experiences with trance such as The Shaman, whereby they shift their own self into the position of another facet, thus understanding reality from a different perspective, and then they return with this perspective and integrate it into their ordinary consciousness.

Whatever the method, the entire phenomenon is built upon an internal relationship firstly, and then an external interaction separately.

For example: The Shaman has a very strong relationship with an aspect of the self which exists outside of our time/space. This aspect of The Shamanic Soul is able to move in/out of time and space at will.
This aspect therefore, is able to move forward in time, and gather information about some-thing taking place.

This aspect then informs The Shaman what has been perceived.

The Shaman then has information about what has not yet happened. If a person is paying the Shaman to do this, then The Shaman shall integrate the understandings, and transfer the findings to the client. Thus the client becomes somewhat aware of what has not yet happened to them.

The only reason that the client cannot do this for themselves, is because their internal relationship with their timeless aspect is underdeveloped or unexplored unexplored. Any psychic work is about communication.

It may be similar to asking somebody on the telephone to check your account at the bank.

You cannot do it because you don’t have access to their computer system, nor are you next to their computer. They do it on your behalf, and get paid to receive and translate the information to you. If you were trained and had access to the system you could do it yourself, such as internet banking 🙂

So it is that the psychic capitalises upon their internally developed, communication principles, in order to access information that the undeveloped person cannot.

Is it that simple?

Yes it is. There are other factors which are more important than ability however.

There is no point in being psychic if you are not accurate, because then you are just daft. There are good and bad psychics. A good psychic is one who is accurate ‘mostly’ and as such adds benefit to the lives of others.

The inaccurate psychic is not only bad in terms of performance, but also bad in terms of ethics.

People, who are unable to read their own soul and its directions, often seek out those who propose that they can. This is a relationship of trust and is sacred to a Shaman.

Misinformation is the absolute worst type of information, and this is why a bad psychic is just bad. They spout out whatever comes into their head, not considering the individual who is listening, nor their reaction to the power of influence they hold in the relationship.

The Shaman and any ‘good’ psychic abhor the charlatans because they are harmful on many levels. A person who enters into a relationship with the psychic deserves the truth, and that means even if the truth is that the psychic simply does not know the answer.

In order to become a good and accurate psychic, a Shaman or anyone, must be aligned with their own Soul and on their correct path. They must practice and practice and operate in a scientific manner, constantly recording the information received, and then waiting for the actual event or experience to occur.

Only then through years of trial and error, may they understand which information is accurate and which is not. It takes monumental effort and this is why many psychics are inaccurate, because the effort is so great.

A bad psychic may be accurate 10% of the time but just like the gambler they only ever remember the win.

A good psychic will analyse the inaccuracy over many years until the reasons for it are illuminated, and even then they may only be accurate around 50% of the time.

A good psychic therefore knows when the information has poor quality, and as such NEVER divulges this information, but simply selects and communicates the information which is known to be accurate.

A good psychic knows their limits and NEVER fills in the gaps with wishful thinking, because their wishful thinking has responsibility attached to it.

O.K but are Shamans psychic?

Anyone that has the courage to refer to their own self as a Shaman must have some psychic ability.
It is inevitable because those who are Shamans work with the Soul.

A Shaman is a Soul worker in the truest sense of the meaning. A Shaman cannot work with the Soul if they cannot communicate with it, and as such they have to be psychic.

The measurement of effectiveness is the synchronicity between their internal and external component.

Dentists are 5x more likely to commit suicide than the average person. Doctors 2x more likely. So the last place to go in order to treat suicidal tendencies is to see the dentist or the doctor… But alas we do.

So it is that any Shaman may be evaluated by the state of their being. How are they?

If a Shaman is proposed to be psychic yet never ‘sees’ anything coming, then they are the last person that may be accurately psychic.

The Shaman who is accurate shall be found living a balanced life whereby they are rarely surprised, and quickly adjust to reality. They shall be found in a state of internal peace because their internal relationships are well developed and maintained. This is how you tell the difference between a good psychic Shaman, and a bad psychic Shaman, as they shall take you exactly to the place you find them in.

If you trust a psychic who is confused then they will only confuse you.

If you find a psychic who may explain clearly as we have here, then they shall enlighten and guide you toward your truth. The Shaman in this regard could write 10,000 words explaining exactly what and why a psychic is, and how they work because The Shaman knows.

If you wonder how I know. Look here: Who is the Shaman?

Hopefully you have enjoyed this brief introduction, and may the information guide you toward the genuine psychic, because they do exist, although they are very rare indeed.

If you are unsure of a psychic, ask them how they do it. If they use many words but give no processes then they do not know, thus they are actually in the dark as much as you.

They may say that they just ‘get the information’ and the question then should be ‘Where do you get it from?’ If they fail to satisfy this question then they could be communicating with anything, and as such the information shall be peppered with truth, like any good lie designed to deceive…

Above all follow your own intuition, and take everything that is said with as much acceptance as any unfamiliar information source, and so in this way you keep your own power.