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Routes to power.

Manifestation is the action or process whereby something becomes manifest.

The word Manifest is found in the late 14c. Meaning: ‘clearly revealed’ from the Old French manifest: ‘evident, palpable’ or directly from Latin Manifestus: ‘plainly apprehensible, clear, apparent or evident’.

When something is manifest it is able to be perceived and evidenced. This of course relates our ‘Reality’ which is shared. So the difference between fantasy and fact is whether or not ‘something’ is manifest.

The art of making something manifest is the art of manifestation.

We are all capable of imagining an experience, whereby we are lay upon a beach in the Sun. Our physical body may be sat at in a room with a computer, and so it is that the imagination is fantastical.

If however in three weeks’ time our physical body IS upon the beach in the Sun, then we have successfully manifested an experience. The evidence is that we are on the beach (physically), and we may prove it through documenting the experience, as in taking photos. We are actually there and we can prove it!

The Shaman knows all too well how this process works. In the example above there are two factors, one being the INTERNAL experience of the imagination, and the other being the EXTERNAL experience within shared reality (Physical).

The art of manifestation is whereby the internal image becomes an externalized experience.

Imagination is a very misunderstood concept which has some ridiculous connotations within Western Society. Imagination is deemed to be fantasy and as such has little value attributed to it.

Think about the word ‘Image + in’ and we see it references an internal image. The reason that this ability to hold an internal image has no attributed value is because it often remains internal, and remains a fantasy. Fantasy is often deemed as being unproductive within the Western World.

Our society is based upon tangible productivity, and as such the intangible is relegated. It is difficult to trade and profit from imagination… Or so you have been told!

The truth is that whatever you may perceive internally may very well, with great skill and power, become the very reality you experience.

It is not a simple process and nor is it difficult.

The most difficult element of manifestation is circumnavigating your programming. This is to say that we have all been through a process of societal programming, and within this program is the dis-empowering LIE that ‘day dreaming’ is somehow useless, and must be dealt with effectively.

‘Stop daydreaming’ = Relinquish your power to create your reality how and when you want it.

There has been an age of social engineering designed by Shamanic Souls, and the consequence is to put you on your knees so that your creative force may be utilized against you.

Take a look around you and estimate how much of your reality was prescribed and how much was subscribed, then consider how much of your experienced reality is how you want it to be.

Take another look around you and realize, the simple truth that ALL which is ‘Man-made’ began as an internal experience. The very device which you are reading these words upon began within the mind of another person, as the design of the chair you are sitting upon. It all began within the mind of another person, and now that you can experience it, it is manifest.

The Shaman offers training which teaches the individual exactly how to make their dreams come true.

How does The Shaman do that?

The Shaman knows exactly what is involved in regard to externalizing ones thoughts, and more importantly when and where the process of manifestation is most effective.

The training is an extremely personal encounter, as the process of manifestation is an extremely personal process. The Shaman has the framework and you will be able to orientate and exhibit your individuality.

The main aspects of the Shamanic Manifestation Training relate to time and space.

The picture below is an example of a route-to-power grid. It exposes the natural flow of the manifesting circuit, in an individual person. Each circuit is different for each person. You can make one!

The Shaman | Glastonbury | Manifest

Time is also relative to the power required to manifest, and is also is relative to that which is desired manifest. The most important factor in regard to time, is when to actually utilize technique.

There is no point expending energy if the timing is not correct. This is Shamanic Magic.

The correct timing is ALWAYS individual and is dominated by certain Astronomical circumstances.
Quite simply there is a precise time where the manifestation process is most effective, and this depends upon when one was born and of course where.

The Shaman knows how to reveal this time, down to the minute and so power may be conserved and precisely released, and the results are often phenomenal.

The first stage of the training is therefore an analysis and teaching in regard to Astronomical influences, particularly in relation to your personal power. There is no point planting a seed at the wrong time.

The second stage of the Shamanic Training involves the circumnavigation of your programming, utilizing various methods. Including Self-hypnosis and Unconscious contracting.

The third stage of the Manifestation training is all about discovering that which shall serve you, as the power to manifest reality is dependent upon the support of your Soul.

You shall NEVER manifest anything positive if it is contrary to the path of your own being.

Of course you may well complete the manifestation process off-path but there shall always be a sting in the tail as it were. The Shaman only desires to administer training to those ‘On-Path’ and so an assessment must be taken in order to orientate one to their individual path.

The fourth aspect of the training is all about how to visualize properly, and how to power the visualization. This is akin to the psychological complexes we all build, yet with full consciousness. It is about visualization and the incorporation of emotional significance, tethered to an anticipated outcome.

The fifth protocol is very important, and involves ritualistic processes. This is also known as magical ritual. The Shaman teaches magic and the ritualistic aspects surrounding a magical manifestation, such as resource acquisition, protective processes and archetypal significance.

The sixth aspect of the manifestation training is all about the reality loop and the consequential feedback. This is to know at any given moment how effective your manifestation may well be. This level of training encompasses the ancient tradition of comprehending ‘Omens’. These omens arrive in many forms across every level and The Shaman teaches how to read these omens.

If one may understand the omens they receive, then and ONLY then may they understand how to adjust their manifestation practices. This training is vital and The Shaman sees it as the most neglected aspect of other training’s offered. Quite simply it is the negotiation with and through the multi-dimensional realities, resulting in an effective manifestation.

We must know when to push as we must realize when to pull, as well as pause!

The seventh level of training is the integration of all which precedes actual manifestation, and more importantly what to do when manifestation occurs. It must be made clear that any effective manifestation results in the individual having made both enemies and allegiances.

For example if you want to manifest a spiritual centre designed to inspire and liberate, then you must understand the opposition of your manifestation. The forces which align with your manifestation become allies and those that do not, simply do not.

The training teaches an individual how to cope with the circumstances following their effective manifestation, with particular regard to the ‘Archetypal forces’ at play upon this Earth.

The eighth level of Manifestation Training goes beyond that which may be communicated here, but rest assured it is designed to blow your mind, and the lines between fantasy and fact become extremely blurred.

How much does it cost?

The overall price depends upon the amount of effort you are prepared to put in.

If you completed the training whilst only in the presence of The Shaman, then it would take around 30 hours and cost around £1500.

On the other hand if you completed much of the work whilst alone, and utilized The Shaman as an intermittent teaching force, then it could cost as little as £500.

Once again great value can be obtained from organising group training, as the cost is the same but can be shared equally. It is also much more fun besides…

What could I do next?

The first thing to do is sleep on it. This is to say that it is better to submerge your consciousness into the dream state, and decide if this is for you (Every part of you).

If you FEEL like pursuing your dreams then send me an Email, outlining your own self and explaining why you would like to manifest at all…

May your dreams become your reality as reality is but a conscious dream? Ψ

How to Book Shamanic Training

The Shaman does not charge different amounts for different training services.
There is a fixed rate simply based upon time, which is £50 per hour plus expenses.

This means that great value can be found in arranging appointments with a few friends for most training.

You can send us an Email to request an appointment or find out more by using the Contact Page.
You can telephone using either number to right in the Contact Details section.

The Shaman is committed to serving your greatest potential. So please feel invited to ask questions or seek help. We would be delighted to hear from you, and hopefully be able to help in some way… ♥