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Shamanic Divorce Rituals.

There are of course many types of relationships, but in this instance The Shaman is able to work with those relationships, which cause a person to be held hostage by the past.

As adults most of us have experienced more than one intimate relationship, from our first love through to our current state of affairs. The truth is that as Human Beings we love to connect with others and form the energetic bonds which make us happy.

When we engage in orgasmic enterprises with others there is much more going on than first appears. The universe was literally created through the blending of masculine and feminine energies.

It is in truth the MOST creative energy that exists upon this Earth, the orgasm.

It is a release of huge creative potentials and unfortunately our Western society does not often acknowledge this. The creative force which is released during sex is going to create something.

It is a simple consideration as to what has been created and which member of the duo is more aware of this creative force. Consciousness dominates Ignorance every time.

An intelligent witch will utilise their knowledge and quite literally cast their magic at the point of orgasm, and not every witch admits that they are one or even knows. A witch may be male or female in this context, and may be defined as one who interacts with reality, through manifestation.

The power to manifest is most potent at the point of orgasm and if you are not managing this huge energetic release then who is?

The point is that whenever you have had an orgasm, the ‘feeling’ is the recognition of creative energetic flow, and whatever it was/is you are concentrating your mind upon is the place/person where the energy has gone.

Without being crude it is wise to consider the porn star and the thousands of individuals who have experienced orgasm whilst focussed upon the ‘star’, and so is it any wonder they are doing rather well?

They simply receive vast amounts of energy psychically and then utilise it to create their own reality.

The Shaman knows exactly how this works and knows the power of sex in regard to control, pleasure and of course Love. It is all an experience of the flow of energy from one place/person to the other…

What has this got to do with healing relationships?

Every connection we make throughout our lives can be viewed by The Shaman as threads or cords, which exist for years following physical parting.

The thicker the thread the stronger the connection… The stronger the connection the greater the flow of energy… The greater the flow of energy… The more influence it will have upon an individual.

So it is that our past relationships are only the past on the physical level of existence.

The truth is that our most intimate relationships are far from over. The creative energy is often used to form the thread and then maintain it, regardless of current relationship status. It is these threads and those to whom they connect which affect our current relationships, either negatively or positively.

An ex-partner who is still bitter and perhaps feeling betrayed, is like a generator of negative energy and the thread is the ‘wire’ through which this energy shall reach you.

Consider for a moment the energetic potential of an individual who is scorned, obsessed, vengeful, and bitter. Ultimately out to see you suffer. This is not a problem, unless this energy has a direct link to your very own self.

If you have had sex with this person then there is without doubt an energetic connection to them.

What are the consequences of this?

You may well have moved on and be in a new relationship with someone you love and is good for you.

The constant flow of negative energy entering your ‘atmosphere’ is like pollution.

As you form your new relationship and move toward long-lasting happiness, the last thing you need is someone poisoning your future.
It’s difficult to build a positive future when past is infecting it in a negative manner.

How do I know if this is happening?

There will always be thoughts of the EX popping into your head, as this is a symptom of the energetic connection.
There will likely be unknown swings in the dynamic of your new relationship, whereby all is well one minute and not the next.
Your new partner will unconsciously ‘know’ that your EX is a threat on some level and as such will not like them at all.

Your current partner may become irrationally jealous (out of character), as they realise unconsciously you are still connected to another, even though you are 100% sure it is over.

Your new partner may raise the issue of your ex-partner an unusual number of occasions, or your ex-partner become part of the conversation continuously.

You may feel weak after having sex and unsure of where your energy has gone, as your creative energy may well be ‘syphoned’ off down the same thread of connection.

This is no fun but it can be worse if marriage is involved.

The issue is plain for all to see. When two people get married in a church they are upon sacred ground.

Churches are often built upon ancient Pagan sites, which is why they have that ‘feeling’ of peace.

Not only is a life-long bonding oath sworn upon sacred ground but a ring is utilised also.
The finger ring has been used for millennia as a binding ritual.
The ring symbolises eternity and as such the oath which is sworn upon this ring is considered to be eternal.

These are ancient sacred rituals which energetically bind people together, thus forming the cords afore mentioned. More extreme is the spoken oath, as this is the most binding of all.

All is well and the marriage is bound upon sacred ground and gets a kick-start from the approval of ‘God’.
A few years later… It may have all turned to shit and separation heralds a divorce. So what?

Consider how divorce is achieved. There is no sacred ground. There is no ritual to break the oath. There is no priest to rewind the approval of God. The rings are still formed.

All that happens is that a lawyer or a Court draft a document, and declare the whole thing over. Hopefully you can see the problem?

Marriage is a ritualistic, magically binding oath between two people. A divorce is a legal necessity. There is a huge disparity between the energetic significance of the beginning versus the end.

Divorce is a highly charged emotional experience, as you are attempting to break sacred oaths, unconsciously. The oath is a binding contract and by God, it pisses off certain archetypes who manage these contracts.

All of the energy which is produced during divorce proceedings is needed to break the contract, and fear or hate is the antithesis of love and peace.

The fear and hate are generated to break the oath but it rarely works, as those involved unfortunately are often ignorant to the significance of the original oath, or at least they choose to enter a state of denial.

What are the consequences?

When one is magically bound to another it is very difficult to bind oneself to yet another.

This means that future relationships following divorce are influenced by the previous oaths sworn. The individual who is divorced may be magically bound to their ex-partner on such a deep level that they shall always suffer, in regard to full commitment in the future.

They quite literally are not able to commit 100% because they have already committed a percentage to another person. You can’t give what you don’t have.

Is there a solution?

Yes there is. The oath must be recognised as such and a ritual performed to break this oath.

The Shaman is ultimately able and as such may become your advocate during the reversal process.

The Shaman can petition upon your behalf for the release of the oath, through interacting with the archetypes that supervise the Human Marriage vow.

The Shaman can create a sacred space whereby this process can actually become effective.

The Shaman can utilise their power to break the energetic counterpart of the physical ring.

The Shaman can set your future free.

How does it work?

The process is not a difficult one yet may be time-consuming. If both people who were once married take part in the reversal ritual, then the process is very clean and very quick.

If only one person desires to reverse the marriage oath and enter into a sacred divorce, then the process is more difficult. The Shaman must energetically negotiate with the ‘other half’ on your behalf. This can be quick and easy or long and drawn out depending upon the individual circumstances.

The entire process in whatever context is a reversal of the original sacred, oath bound marriage and as such is a sacred divorce. It is in this way equal to the original marriage and as such is destined to set BOTH partners free, even if one does not desire to be released.

What are the benefits?

Quite simply both parties are ultimately released to re-invest their love in alternative directions.

The typical experiences that follow this process are feelings of being young again, the ability to love honestly again, the planning of new marriages, a deeper connection to the new lover, a dramatic decrease in argumentative behaviour, improved relationships with mutual children, increases in financial security and above all, a sense of being free to pursue happiness.

These are just some of the benefits as again each case is as different as the people involved. The most beautiful of benefit is that the individual who is bitter and lonely is released from their pain. Immediately.

What do I do now?

The first thing to do is email with the details of your situation and I shall reply with some free Shamanic insight.

Depending upon the situation and where you reside we would normally meet to discuss the situation, as we can communicate over the phone or Skype. If we both feel that The Shaman can help then we shall begin the work for you.

The divorce ritual must ALWAYS be carried out in your physical presence, and so either of us would have to travel.

I have carried out this work a number of times and the impact upon one’s life is actually phenomenal.

Peace be with you.

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