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A conscious dream.

The Shamanic journey may be understood as a process, which shifts the perspective of the person who is experiencing the Shamanic Journey, usually initiated through hypnotic Drumming.

Some people would say that Shamanic Drumming is a process whereby one may slip out of the mortal coil, journey into the spirit world and thus experience an alternate dimension. They may well be correct.

Other people may say that Shamanic drumming is a process of Hypnosis, and that one begins to interact with the unconscious mind.

The truth is that each opinion is correct for very often the spirit world is unconscious to the person, and it is true that the Shamanic drum induces trance, which is an hypnotic state.

The Shaman knows what happens when he Drums, to those who are able to listen.

There is a definite shift in perspective, as in the position of the perception point. This in itself is the consequence of a shifting focus and awareness, and is the result of some internal movement.

Once the perspective or awareness has shifted what follows is ALWAYS dependent upon the intention.

The intention sets the direction, and so the awareness of a person may well move into the spirit world, as an external movement, or enter into the individual unconscious mind, as an internal movement.

The truth is that regardless of direction, and the labels attached to the experience (Spirit world/Unconscious), there is always a boundary between the individual self and the collective consciousness.

For example one may move the awareness into the personal Astral body. It is then possible to interact with other impersonal intelligence’s, which vibrate upon that frequency. These are other Spirits or Astral entities.

The same applies when one dives into oneself, entering the personal unconscious, for from here the impersonal may also be experienced, as in the collective unconscious or the ancestral shadow.

The Shaman is the one who manages this boundary, for The Shaman is the one who has studied this place, understands the guardians and protects those who journey.

The Shamanic practitioner is the one who is the guide, and by definition MUST have mapped the territory previously, otherwise a poor guide they would make indeed!

Shamanic drumming could be understood as something very relevant to the body which is beating the drum, for The Shaman who is drumming can only guide others to the places they have been.

So it is that any experience of Shamanic drumming must be understood as being both limited and expanded, in relevancy to the one who is managing the circumstance, which is a Shaman.

This is why every experience of Shamanic drumming is unique to The Shaman who is drumming, and their current energetic state or self-realised potential.

It is an interactive relationship between the person who is undertaking the journey, and The Shaman who is facilitating the journey. This is why it is so important for the journey maker and the facilitator to be aligned somewhat. To know more about The Shaman have a look here Who Is The Shaman?

What are the advantages of Shamanic Drumming?

There are many particular advantages and each are relevant to the individual, but these advantages ALL stem from an alternative perspective. Information is power.

We all know what it is like to overload the conscious mind with a problem, if the solution is out of reach and thoughts loop round and round without resolve. Then we take a break and become distracted, or go to sleep, and Eureka! The solution just emerges into the consciousness and all is well.

The point is that the solution always existed, but the position was incorrect in so far as receiving the solution. As we shift our perspective we become aligned to different resources, and so it is that this alignment is the bridge from confused consciousness, through to the experienced solution.

In short it is access to insight and from this insight is an expanded information base.

It is from this expanded information base, that we may then know the solutions that once were obscured. This is the key to all things, as poor decisions are often only made because of poor information.

We make our choices one and all based upon our current database of information, and if this information base is limited then so are our choices.

The Shamanic drum literally expands your awareness to the necessary point, whereby you may access the necessary information, in regard to your intended purpose.

For example you may have some allergy which is recurring, and your intention is to discover what is causing this allergy (Intention Set). The shift in awareness through the drum, shall be focused upon the body consciousness, whereby the information shall be received, as to what is upsetting the body (Allergy).

This information shall then be used to make a better informed decision, such as deal with the damp spores hiding behind the wardrobe? Or stop drinking coffee?

Another example may simply be that one desires to know if a loved one (Passed away) is O.K.? In this instance the intention is set to pass the gate between the living and the dead, journey into a state whereby the individual is aligned with the deceased loved one, and begin to communicate with them.

Another example may be that an individual is unable to make an important decision, such as whether to change jobs, and so the intention is to shift into an alternative Time/Space and gather information regarding the consequences of each choice.

Once again it is the securing of information in regard to an intention, which allows one to make a more intelligent choice. Resulting an increased chance of experienced happiness.

What actually happens though?

The experience of Shamanic drumming is best described as a FULLY conscious dream.

It is similar to Lucid dreaming. A dream whereby one is aware that they are dreaming whilst dreaming, able to interact and comprehend, in the same manner as the conscious waking state.

In this regard it is just like being awake, yet also within an utterly different reality where the laws of physics do not apply, as in most dreams. A person may be able to consciously change shape, or manipulate the environment, and interact with other sentient intelligence’s within the experience.

It is not like remembering a dream after it has happened, but knowing the dream is occurring as it is experienced. This is possible because the body literally falls asleep, and The Shaman ensures you do not ‘Lose’ consciousness as is typical during a night dream.

The Shaman and their presence allows you to transfer your consciousness without break (Losing it), into the relevant energy body in regard to the intention. There is a continuation of your awareness, from one experienced reality to another, and there is a managed return also.

The managed return brings the individual back into the waking state, and so there is a seamless experience, just like one may remember events of this morning, one may recall the entire journey experience.

What next?

It is upon the return whereby The Shaman becomes the interpretation device.

The unconscious communicates in symbology and metaphor, and The Shaman is able to help you translate the journey into actual meaning. The translation of information.

For example: the damp behind the wardrobe may be experienced in a journey as a scene from ‘The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe’, and on the other side of the ‘gateway’ may be some woods, and within those woods the journeyed may notice some fungi. Get it?

The metaphor must be understood and translated by those who understand the language of metaphor, and so a Shaman earns their keep well.

The entire journey therefore is one of shifting consciousness into an alternative perspective, experiencing ‘something’ from that perspective, and then translating that experience into the ordinary perspective.
When this is done correctly the results are beyond the comprehension of the ordinary mind, because the information is beyond the experience of the ordinary mind!

It is therefore difficult to explain exactly what may happen and exactly what the benefits are specifically, because the experience is different every time.

One thing is certain however. Knowledge is power. Information is knowledge, and power is necessary to move forward in any direction.

Is it Safe?

It is entirely safe and is as dangerous as dreaming.

The only danger is when the ignorant consider the experience literally. The key is in the interpretation of the experience, and may well be the most important, as misinformation is worse than no information…

The Shaman has recorded some Shamanic drumming and offers it here for free, so you may consider the process in the security of your own space.

Just click on the image and save the file to your computer, unpack it and enjoy.

It Shamnaic drummingmust be understood though that the experience via digital media is a watered down one, and you are responsible for your own interpretation.

My advice is to enjoy it and treat it as a dream so as not to become influenced too deeply.

The MP3 will trigger you, and it is important that before you listen there is an intention set, even if this intention is to explore your own mind.

NEVER begin a journey without an intention, unless with a Shaman.

I am happy to answer a question for you however following your journey, as is my obligation in having recorded this Shamanic Drumming.

The MP3 is a taster for you, and although it will lubricate your mind and soul, it is not complete without The Shaman. Consider it to be as listening to recorded music and the difference between seeing the band live, at a festival with 10,000 other people.

So it is that if you enjoy the MP3 then you shall adore the ‘real thing’. If you would like to spend some time with The Shaman, enter through the Shamanic Gates into the land of Shamanic drumming. Send me an email whereby we can discuss our availability.

The Shaman can manage a group of 12 individuals simultaneously so everybody has a ‘Good’ experience.

If you have never flown like a bird or experienced heaven then you have not lived, for the Lucid Dream is something absolutely magical…

How to Book Shamanic Services

The Shaman does not charge different amounts for different services.
There is a fixed rate simply based upon time, which is £50 per hour plus expenses.

ALL services are now offered free of charge for the foreseeable future…

You can send us an Email to request an appointment or find out more by using the Contact Page.
You can telephone using either number to right in the Contact Details section.

The Shaman is committed to serving your greatest potential. So please feel invited to ask questions or seek help. We would be delighted to hear from you, and hopefully be able to help in some way… ♥