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Enter the cave.

There are many types of Shamanic initiation. Each must be respected for exactly what it is and why it exists.

Regardless of the type of Shamanic initiation, there are consistent factors involved. There is always a Shaman who has been initiated, and there is the individual who is to become initiated.

This is one of the most sacred relationships which two individuals may experience.

The type of initiation always is coloured by the initiation that a Shaman personally received. For example if a Shaman was initiated within their cultural context, through the Shamanic practices relevant to their culture, then the initiation shall be influenced by this experience.

A specific example is the Ayahuasca initiation, which is performed by the Shaman who was initiated through the use of Ayahuasca. And of course Ayahuasca has a geographical and cultural location, which is South America or ‘The Land of The Condor’.

So it is that The Shaman who is the initiating force is destined to influence the initiate, as it has always been. This is the most important, because the two must meet with respect, and ultimately a shared purpose. Directly through experience.

The purpose is to perform an initiatory rite. During the Shamanic ritual the initiate is exposed to their own power, and the purpose of this power.

It may or may not be a pleasant experience, as this depends mainly upon the reaction of the initiate, including their current identity structure, and its subsequent attachments.

The initiation is not reserved to Shamanism as it may be discovered within any spiritual system, such as The Holy Communion, Baptism, Bar Mitzvah and so on and so forth…

The initiation is a ceremonial practice, which acknowledges the transition from one state to another, regardless of the states. So it is then that a Shamanic initiation fits within this concept exactly, and it is but a matter of realizing the state one is currently in, and the anticipated state they shall be in following initiation.

The Shamanic initiation is therefore an orientating ritual designed to avoid madness, because insanity is simply disorientation.

The Shaman who is the initiator, takes responsibility for the mental & spiritual health of the initiate, so the relationship MUST be one of trust and respect. Any Shaman who offers the service of Shamanic initiation knows this, and so it is a rare thing indeed to experience a true Shamanic initiation.

But there is a workshop on it?

Yes there may well be a workshop about Shamanism and there may be included drumming and such, but this is not initiation. This is the warm-up and the flirtation with a completely different cognitive process.

A Shaman who is honest knows it is impossible to initiate collectives fully, as the process is both dangerous and ultimately personal.

A True Shamanic initiation must only include one initiate. At any one time.

There are those who offer workshops and they serve the greater good. We love them. They are the Shamanic Souls driven to share the Love of Shamanism, with all who may listen.

Respect them for they hold a space upon this Earth that many fail to accomplish. Blessed are they who walk their path… The one eyed man is king.

The Shaman offers to facilitate the initiation of others into an alternative experience of reality. This is not a workshop and nor can it be, but a genuine and direct initiation into the sphere of your own Soul.

What happens?

It is the history of The Shamans initiation which shall be the colour of the current initiation, so we may venture into specifics. To know more it would be wise to have a look here: About The Shaman.

My Christian name is Ian and I currently live in Glastonbury, England. ¾ of my Genetic lineage emerges from the North. The other ¼ emerges from Cornwall and Devon. These cultures and their peoples both have one thing in common, which is a Celtic/Gaelic/Britannic ancestry.

My Blood ‘I KNOW’ has been running in harmony with this Island called Britain for millennia.

Because of this my own Shamanism is relative to this geographical location, just as any Shaman has relationship with the Earth, below and within them.

So it is then that when you are initiated by this Shaman, you are going to experience the power of this land, and not the current forces which occupy it.

The induction of your initiation therefore, shall involve a direct confrontation with the power of the land, specifically relative to the location. Britain. This is the path of HEART.

This land is the geographical location of the Earth Heart Gate. As such this is the Gate one must pass firstly.

Your Heart Chakras’ shall be opened.

This is not some flowery operation because it is your heart which may or may not be the accusatory force.

Consider the ancient Egyptian weighing of the heart ceremony to understand the process, yet it may occur well before death as it always has. Your Heart Centre shall be opened and there is no going back form this.

Sounds like fun?

Oh yes it is the ride of a lifetime and like any journey it has its ups and downs.

The entire outcome depends upon your relationship with your heart, which knows all about you, quite literally from the inside out. The path of Heart is the most difficult to walk, because this world is predisposed to close the Heart, and so it is that you become the Salmon. Swimming upstream is most difficult, yet most rewarding for those who complete the cycle.

The path of Heart leads one to their origin straight and true.

Those who have an open heart are stripped of denial, ignorance, hate, fear, anger and egotism.

So it is that depending upon your energetic structure, it may well hurt a lot at first. The Shamanic Death is the recognition of the pain, from which The Shaman emerges anew.

It is the death of the false self and the birth of the Heart Centred Being.

Once the process begins, there is no going back as there is nothing to go back to, as it is deceased and therefore no longer an option.

This sounds serious?

It is and so it should be for the stakes are so high within the game.

The initiation offered here, should be understood for exactly what it is. It is a controlled confrontation with your own self, and everything within that self, which may or may not serve your heart… Centred Poise.

Every belief system and every structure of your ‘self’ shall be challenged, and the measurement of their continuation is compared to the purpose of your being.

Over a period of time you shall experience the extremes of Love and Pain, as your entire structure of self aligns to your reason for being at all.
This is The Path of Heart and this is the nature of the Shamanic initiation offered here.

How do you do it?

This is like asking the magician to explain how he performed his trick…

How much does it cost?

The relationship is Sacred and as such money can never be involved.

I get paid very well for the work I do with those who are not Shamanic, and my guides look after my physical needs very well. Part of my own continued support, is that I support others upon their Shamanic Path.

This is a non-negotiable condition of being an initiated Shaman, for we must take care of our own within the dangerous world of fear based decision makers…

What is the first step?

The sensible thing to do is send me an email and explain why you think all this weird stuff keeps happening to you. I ALWAYS answer and my advice is free.

Maybe we could meet and have an informal conversation about your anticipations. The normal course of action is that there is not one. Every initiation is different but the objective is the same.

This is to open your Heart and assist you in maintaining this new condition.

Don’t be put off because my bite is far worse than my bark.

How to Book Shamanic Training

The Shaman does not charge different amounts for different training services.
There is a fixed rate simply based upon time, which is £50 per hour plus expenses.

This means that great value can be found in arranging appointments with a few friends for most training.

You can send us an Email to request an appointment or find out more by using the Contact Page.
You can telephone using either number to right in the Contact Details section.

The Shaman is committed to serving your greatest potential. So please feel invited to ask questions or seek help. We would be delighted to hear from you, and hopefully be able to help in some way… ♥