Project Description

Routes to power.

The training is based upon an individuals personal power grid, which is identified utilising Western Astrology methods, with particular focus upon the sequences of rising planets and their archetypal connections.

The Shaman will reveal how to read an astrological birth chart, with the emphasis on personal power, and the approach required to release individual potential.
It is a very unique approach developed by The Shaman over many years, taught directly to us by our spirit guides and teachers.

After identifying the individual flow of potential which is unique to every individual, you will then learn how to build your power and work with the natural flow of it, which is a very exhilarating experience indeed.
Be prepared for some shocking revelations…

The training can be completed one-one, in half a day or so quite effectively indeed. We are also able to complete this training via Skype.

For groups of up-to 5 people the training is completed in a full day, and five is also the maximum number of people who may experience this shamanic training concurrently. (Any more than this and our quality of service declines).

You can book your shamanic training, or find out more details about the principles involved by clicking the ‘More Details’ tab to the right.