Project Description

Physical disassociation techniques

The Shamans drum has been used for millennia, to enter an altered state of consciousness. Whereby one can access the resources, necessary to move forward in life.

This training is centred upon shamanic journeying techniques, but the skills learnt are easily transferable, into other spheres of experience. The core training teaches you to extend your consciousness, beyond ordinary reality. But more importantly to maintain that awareness when in an altered state.

The Shaman is personally certified as an N.L.P master practitioner, as well as being certified as a Hypnotherapist, specialising in indirect hypnosis. This is known as Ericksonian Hypnosis.

The Shaman will train you how to firstly loosen your awareness.
Secondly, how to separate your awareness from your physical body.
Thirdly, how to set intention and define direction.
Fourthly, how to transpose sensory awareness into alternate states.
Fifthly, how to build relationships with intelligence that will protect and guide you.
Sixth, how to move consciously through the realms of the collective consciousness.
Seventh, how to actively seek information in relation to your enquiry.
Eighth, how to collect information in order to retain it.
Ninth, how to bring information back through shifting states of consciousness.
Tenth and finally, how to interpret the information, through shamanic translation.