Project Description

Connection to Guides.

This training has always been one of my favorites, as it’s just so interestingly positive. It is always a great place to start when entering into shamanic training, as the relationship to a guide is vital when navigating alternate realities.

Introduction level training

This suits the majority of people perfectly well, who are seeking to make an energetic connection to their own guides, which operate in close proximity to this 3D reality. These guides are often experienced quickly, positively and without complexity.

Some examples from our experience are: Family members who have crossed over, animal spirit guides, chakra gate-keepers (7 Seals), Anima/Animus reflections and so on and so forth.

This training can be completed one-one over a couple of hours, or within a group setting of up to twelve individuals over half a day or a full day.

You can book your shamanic training, or find out more details about the principles involved by clicking the ‘More Details’ tab to the right. More complex Shamanic Connection Rites are also available upon special request.