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Spirit Guide Introduction.

A Shamanic Spirit Guide may be understood by taking apart the sentence and the meaning behind the words within it. A Spirit is something or someone who’s consciousness is in spirit form (non-physical).

This may be the spirit of someone who is living’ such as The Shaman, or somebody who is not living and is pure spirit, or even the spirit of a natural entity or force.

The Spirit of a person may be considered to be the aspect of an individual which occupies the physical body, yet its existence is not reliant upon the physical body. It is the Ghost.
Of course a Human Spirit often takes on Human form and so may appear like a person.

A Shamanic Spirit may however be linked to the Spirit of an animal, plant or element and often is experienced this way. The truth is far more complicated but for now this is good.

A Guide is an intelligence which shows another the way, regardless of context. For example a tour guide may show a person the way around an unfamiliar city. So it is that the Spirit Guide shows a person around an unfamiliar breadth of experience.

The only advantage that a proficient guide has over the person they are guiding is familiarity with the territory.

If a person is experiencing unfamiliar territory then any guide that knows the territory, working from a positive intent, is very useful indeed.

Consider the fact that our parents are our guide’s in so far as physical and shared reality. Without some adult guidance we would never learn to talk or even use the toilet.

We learn from those who guide us, and a guides duty is to show the way or necessary behaviour to secure satisfaction.

So it is that we have guides which teach us and nurture our development into the non-physical realities. We all have them and every culture across recorded history makes reference to them, in one form or another.

One of the most interesting is the Genius. We all know what it means, right?

Genius is a Latin word meaning ‘A guardian deity or spirit which watches over each person from birth’. This of course is the same as the guardian Angel of other theologies.

If one is ingenious they are said to be marked out by having a cunning and inventive mind. This is the result of entering into a relationship with one’s Genius, which is of course called ‘The Higher Self’ these days…

The truth is that when a person enters into relationship with ANY guide they are set upon a path, relative to the territory familiar to the particular guide.
A Genius will guide the individual into their own Genius and as such they may become ingenious!

We each have spiritual guides to assist us when we begin to experience the world of spirit. We also have Demonic guides when we begin to explore the Underworld.

There are many advantages to the living, and each depends upon the nature of the guide, the person’s intelligence, the life path, the required projection and so on and so forth…

For example if one desires to exhibit creativity and be free to express oneself, then having support from another who has achieved this already (familiar territory), is a direct advantage.

The Shaman here who is writing these words, has various direct/fixed guides and a team of back-up intelligence’s, which are transient. The fixed guides are permanent and relevant to the work I do and each has a connection to archetypal forces, and thus the collective consciousness.
The transient guides come and go, in relevance to the current environment and its pressures.

Within the fixed’ guides there are two which are the first step outward, in so far as moving away from this reality. There is one who keeps me safe and informed in either contrasting direction. Each of these then links to another and so on and so forth, thus creating an effective chain of intelligence, which encompasses that which is in existence, including you.

It may be perceived as a hierarchical command structure whereby each aspect/Guide is aligned with the next, and each respects the other and it’s opposite.

As the workings of a clock, each component coordinates to facilitate the telling of time. The Shaman is a component of a larger energetic system, but our objective is not to tell the time, but to fulfill the purpose of our physical manifestation.

One of the greatest advantages of any guide is that they supply the guided with information they would not ordinarily be able to access.

The average person is almost sleep walking it seems, and as such they are cut-off from the information which may procure their happiness. This is not an accidental circumstance, as any conspiracy theorist well knows.

The Shaman has connected 100’s of people thus far directly to their guides. The Shaman has sworn a sacred oath in order to support the hearts of people, and so is driven to do this in any way possible.

One of the most effective ways to liberate an individual is to connect them with their personal power, and the way to do this is to introduce the management systems, of this power. These management systems are a person’s guides, who shall teach a person how to manage their power.

The process of how it works depends upon the the individual.

For those who are just starting out upon their journey then a conversation whilst walking often suffices.
The Shaman trains your Mind & Body how to connect to these resources, now and forever with consistency.

I prefer to do this whilst walking because it teaches that the connection can be made anywhere. It also means that whenever the going gets tough (ignorance) then you can just go for a walk 😉

The Shaman will train you how to connect, through your direct experience, and as such you will be able to connect to different guides and intelligence without needing further training. The Shaman can deliver this training effectively to groups of up to twelve individuals.

For more advanced levels of connection such as archetypal agency, shadow guides, Daemonic protectors, ancestral lineage, past-life regression or Death rites, a ritual must be performed. This is predominantly for safety reasons and as such it takes the form of a personal guided mediation. One-One only.

How to Book Shamanic Training

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The Shaman is committed to serving your greatest potential. So please feel invited to ask questions or seek help. We would be delighted to hear from you, and hopefully be able to help in some way… ♥